Procurement & logistics

Sixt Leasing has considered your needs in structuring its vehicle delivery system and the matching services to make them as flexible and cost-efficient as possible, even at an international level. For instance, in around fifty countries you can currently choose whether you wish to pick up your vehicle at the dealership or have it delivered to your company headquarters or straight to your home.

Sixt Leasing possesses long-standing expertise and the network required to handle complex requirements such as attaching stickers to vehicles or installing special features in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

ixt Leasing operates a destination station concept, enabling us to pool vehicles at a central location, prepare them for deployment and then send them by rail to their designated sites throughout Germany.

Sixt Leasing purchases large numbers of vehicles from manufacturers, allowing us to offer you attractive rates and high process stability. In doing so, we structure our solutions to meet your individual requirements at all times.

Sixt Leasing makes its logistics and all of the matching services as flexible and inexpensive as possible for your benefit.

You have the following delivery options:

  • From the dealership
  • From the factory (depending on the manufacturer)
  • To the respective company location
  • To the user's home address
  • From a Sixt Leasing station

We are also happy to look after registration and deregistration of the vehicles.

Your benefits from the full-service 'Procurement & logistics' module at a glance

  • High process stability
  • Central coordination of the installation of all features by Sixt Leasing
  • A selection of delivery destinations based on individual customer wishes
  • Dense network of Sixt Leasing stations

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